Seasonal Rentals in Pompano Beach, Florida


"The Heart of the Gold Coast"

Pompano Beach began as a farming and fishing community and is often referred to as "the Heart of the Gold Coast". Pompano Beach has a mix of residential and industrial areas in the northern part of Broward County. Housing in Pompano Beach runs the gamut from single-family homes to high-and mid-rise condominiums and golf communities and includes a wide selection of short-and long-term rentals. In addition to a number of private yacht clubs, there are marinas, piers, wharves and landings along the Intracoastal which are open to the public. Some of the largest marinas are the Lighthouse Point Marina, Sands Harbor Hotel and Marina, Hillsboro Marine Corporation and Starboard Marina. Pompano Beach is drawing many investors to the area with its Community Redevelopment Plan that began in 2000. Under this plan, the city is revitalizing the Atlantic Blvd. area and it includes the beach and related parking facilities.

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Pompano Beach includes the small town of Lighthouse Point with 80% singe family homes, with a high percentage on waterfront or along tree-lined-streets.  Many of the neighborhoods in Lighthouse Point are attractive and quiet, tree-shaded and water-laced. The Intracoastal Waterway serves as the town's eastern border. In the last few years, Lighthouse Point has had a redevelopment boom both residentially and commercially. Beautiful shopping centers have replaced strip shops and many fine restaurants have been established. Estate homes have become more of the standard replacing the original ranch-style houses originally built in the 1950s and 1960s.