"Popular Ocean Front Living"

The story and the name of popular Galt Ocean Mile began in 1913, when Chicago lawyer Arthur Galt, bought a large 8,000 acre property. The Galt Ocean Mile was only part of this land. In 1953, Coral Ridge Properties, Inc. purchased a tract of land from Arthur Galt. This consisted of what is now Fort Lauderdale North from Sunrise Boulevard, between U.S. 1 and the Intracoastal Waterway North to Floranada Rd plus the Ocean frontage North of Oakland Park Blvd, for approximately $19.4 million. This was the largest real estate development deal ever recorded in Florida at that time; and in an interesting twist – the city of Tallahassee struggled with finding sufficient Documentary Stamps for the deed. As sections were developed, the owners annexed them to the city. The Ocean front land was platted into 22 lots 200 feet wide. The first annex to the city around 1955 was 8 lots at the south end of what became known as the “Mile”. From there, buildings and hotels began being developed on the Galt Ocean Mile. The original building was The Beach Club located where part of the L’ Hermitage Condos now stand. “The Mile” developed rapidly as local and tourist hot spot as sales began to boom, resulting what we see today.